The Arab Academy

Education as bases of development is not contested anymore. Different reports and strategy papers in the development sector clearly show the impacts of education on development as well as the negative impacts of low-achieving states in the sector of education.
A variety of organizations and institutions implement non-formal educational programs for adults in the Arab region. Non-formal adult education became well known and frequently used term in the Arab region. On the other hand, the concepts and approaches implanted under this seaming unifying term are manifold. The expected results of learning processes differ as well as the methodology.
The Academy is a series of conferences on the topic of participatory learning in the Arab world. The results of the conference were published and utilized as starting point for further academies. These academies include steered exchange among the participants, E-Learning webinars, a collection of resources, and networking possibilities.
The conference strongly depended on the participation of the invited participants. All participants are experts in their educational field. After inputs on the different topics working groups discussed the meaning of the respective input for the non-formal learning sector in the Arab region drawing on their own practical experience. The conveners of these working groups compile the results of these discussions and prepared an article in the aftermath of the conference. These articles were published and built the basis for the next Arab Academy on Participatory Learning.
The Academy assisted in understanding the necessity of renewal for educational approaches in the field of non-formal learning in the region increased. Key elements of this renewal are discussed and compiled, and the capacity of the participants to integrate these elements of renewal into their daily work had been increased.

 Regional Cooperation 
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