Our Projects for 2018-2020

DVV International is the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association. The Association is the umbrella organization of around 1000 Adult Education Centers in Germany. Its Institute for International Cooperation DVV International is engaged in over 40 countries worldwide fostering Youth and Adult Education for development. 

Most of DVV International’s activities are funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. In DVV International’s agenda for the years 2018-2020 the work that we do is divided into three levels Micro, Meso, and Macro. Those three levels tackle aspects of Adult Education in the countries that DVV International is working with.

Micro: Programs for Youth and Adults, Qualification of Adult Educators

In collaboration with its partners, DVV International develops innovative courses for adult learners, especially for marginalized communities to empower them to improve their living conditions. This includes the training of Adult Educators in participatory and empowering teaching methods.

Meso: Capacity-building of Adult Education Institutions 

DVV International strengthens Adult Education institutions to become vibrant hubs for education in their communities by better responding to the needs and interests of adult learners. A good practice is being promoted through facilitating local, national, regional, and international cooperation.

Macro: Policy Advice and Promotion of Lifelong Learning

DVV International advises governments as well as civil society organizations and networks on how to create a supportive environment for Adult Education. Public events and information campaigns help put lifelong learning on the agenda of decision-makers and practitioners.

DVV International in the Middle East

DVV International started cooperating with partners in the Middle East in 2009. The Regional Office opened in Jordan (Amman) in 2011. A Country Office in Palestine (Ramallah) was established in 2012, followed by a branch office in the Gaza Strip in 2013.

Facing widespread unemployment especially among people under the age of 25 all over the region, DVV International – together with its partners – strives to empower youth and adults to unfold their potential and engage in economic, political and social life in their community.

Apart from the work in Jordan and Palestine, DVV International supports regional and international networking all over the Arab World.

Innovative Courses

DVV International supports the development of curricula for innovative courses that help adult learners to find employment, to start their own business and to engage in their community. The spectrum of courses includes literacy and life skills, business start-up and vocational training ranging from traditional handcrafts to innovative recycling. The courses build on empowering teaching methods, taking the learners interests and experience into account and encouraging critical thinking and peaceful conflict resolution.

Qualified Adult Educators

DVV International qualifies teachers and trainers to become certified Adult Educators, who are familiar with the principles and theories of participatory Adult Education and who are able to apply a variety of empowering learning and teaching methods, depending on the learners’ needs and backgrounds. 

Model Adult Education Centers

The key pillars for a functional Adult Education system are institutions that provide courses and development opportunities in line with professional standards. Thus, DVV International supports selected governmental and civil society organizations in establishing Adult Education Centers that can assess labor market opportunities and training needs, reach out to adult learners, offer courses and career orientation sessions, build bridges to income generation for adult learners and facilitate community learning activities. 

Engaged Regional Networks

DVV International facilitates regional networking and advocacy for lifelong learning. To this end, DVV International cooperates with education networks that represent hundreds of civil society organisations all over the Arab World aiming at integrating Adult Education into their portfolio, promoting empowering teaching methods and strengthening advocacy skills.

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