Supporting and development of Model Adult Education Centers

DVV International aims at introducing effective and successful models of quality Adult Education Centers. With the financial support of BMZ, the Model AECs project was launched in 2015 to support AECs in West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza.

Within a three-phase process of selection and participation of 32 Palestinian applicant organizations, a partnership with three organizations was launched: Al Saraya Center for Community Service in Jerusalem, Dar al-Kalima University College for Arts and Culture in Bethlehem, and El Amal Society for Rehabilitation in Rafah.

• Al-Saraya Community Service Center (East Jerusalem) is a non-profit organisation based in Jerusalem established in 1990 and provides development opportunities for women, children and youth in Jerusalem, especially in the Old City.

• The Dar al-Kalima College for Arts and Culture (West Bank) is a higher education institution focusing on theatrical and visual arts as well as cultural heritage and authentic tourism education. Dar al-Kalima provides higher education, lifelong learning and creative spaces through its community development center “Diyar’.

• El-Amal Association for Rehabilitation (Gaza Strip) is a non-governmental organisation based in the District of Rafah. It was founded in 1994 and works mainly with disadvantaged groups, especially persons with hearing impairments, to help them integrate into society and participate in social and economic development.

Areas of technical support for the three partners were identified based on the model of Key Performance Indicators for AECs. The KPIs Model was developed with participation of many regional partners and stakeholders in the Middle East. Capacity building and support to the three partners included:

- Development of strategic and implementation plans, organisational structures and guidelines for AECs.

- Empowerment and capacity building for AE trainers in AE methodologies and approaches.

- Building capacities of partners in need assessment and market analysis studies to develop AE programmes that accommodate needs and interests of the beneficiaries and the requirements of labor market.

- Supporting implementation of quality youth and adult education programmes and courses.

- Development of selection criteria for beneficiaries and trainers.

- Empowering partners in leadership and training of volunteers and community-based initiatives.  

Previous interventions were provided based on the needs identified for each institution. In the light of the results, organisational consultations and capacity building were provided in accordance with the core competencies of adult education centers. A series of workshops and follow-up visits were carried out by the team of consultants who were trained in the TOT course by DVV International. This team introduced these interventions in accordance with the participatory adult education approach.

DVV International works with the Adult Education Centers to support the continuity and development for adult education programmes and activities, to confirm commitment to the key performance indicators of the basic competencies of adult education centers, to initiate community initiatives within the centers and to enhance cooperation and networking opportunities with local and international organisations in the fields of education, training and development programmes.

DVV International seeks to support the development of nine adult education centers in Palestine in the coming years in partnership with Palestinian organisations.

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