Training of trainers and Curriculum GlobALE

DVV International has developed a course of training of trainers, specialists and experts in the field of adult education to help them become able to build on their specialized experience, the experience of DVV International and local stakeholders to work with organisations and individuals in the field of adult education and training. Through this course a group of consultants and trainers was supported to contribute to the development of production of knowledge and practice in adult education in a participatory, interactive and emancipating approach.

Training of trainers’ course on adult education and lifelong learning was launched in 2014 targeting 15 qualified trainers from civil society and from independent experts with different backgrounds on education and institutional development from the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem. The training was carried out in various phases and in an integrated manner starting from an intensive course in Petra / Jordan and via video conference with the Gaza Strip, but also including regular mentorship, accompanying and follow-up workshops with the master consultants.

Training followed the following methodologies:

- The training course was free of indoctrination and traditional patterns of work, and more flexible and emancipating methods of dealing with content were adopted even those related to professional issues. The course combined the subjective, professional and societal elements to allow each participant to explore his / her abilities, role, strengths and aspects needed to be developed and work on them to improve his/ her consulting skills, to be able to contribute to building a positive atmosphere supportive of work and production.

- Work to develop personal and community awareness, and to learn mechanisms to develop the ability to communicate with the self and then with others. The choice of this form of work came to emphasize that each of us is a whole of many interrelated components and elements, and each element has an impact and a role in the construction of the other elements in our personalities and our professional entities.

- One aspect that has been key to this course was also developing the inner state of working as a consultant for AE organisations. Working with people needs deepened self-awareness and self-understanding to know the impact of mutual dynamics on the self, it is important that the person deals with sensitive personal points and weaknesses in a safe environment.

- Working with the present and existing. We derive learning material/ content from what is happening in the present and the dynamic and expertise in the group. We take the words and reactions from participants within the events to be the core of analysis and learning. It is these moments that provide us with the most honest and realistic information.

- Skills in guidance, formulating questions, listening and understanding questions and observations, communicating messages clearly and specifically, awareness and overcoming obstacles to communication and dealing with the group's difficult and critical questions.

- Motivation to work by exploring personal and societal motivation, linking the personal world of each individual to the group with the importance of societal and institutional change, in order to see the impact of personal behavior on the public sphere.

- Organisational analysis and understanding of organizational behavior, a key component for developing participants' capacity to link organisational behavior with community change and emancipating education, and to equip them with tools and skills to build a course of change on levels of management and executive staff.

DVV International maintains specialized training and workshops on adult education through projects implemented with local partners, ensuring that adult learning approaches are applied to training and educational programmes, activities and events carried out by local partner associations.

Curriculum GlobALE is a cross-cultural core curriculum for the training of adult educators worldwide. It was developed jointly by the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE) and DVV International, the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association. In five modules, it describes the relevant skills needed to lead successful courses and provides guidance on their practical implementation. These modules are focused on:

- Module 1: Approaching Adult Education.

- Module 2: Adult Learning and Adult Teaching.

- Module 3: Communication and group dynamics in Adult Education

- Module 4: Methods of adult education.

- Module 5: Planning, organisation and evaluation of adult education.

DVV International introduced Curriculum GlobALE in Palestine through a master-trainer training by one of the main authors of the Curriculum in 2016. Then, the master trainers conducted in 2017 a number of training courses based on Curriculum GlobALE in Arabic for the first time. More than 50 Adult Educators/ facilitators/ trainers participated in these training courses, from various organisations and sectors that provide adult education and learning.

DVV International seeks in cooperation with the Palestinian partners, mainly the MoEHE and Dar al-Kalima University College for Arts and Culture to disseminate Curriculum GlobALE to the Palestinian higher education institutions through obtaining an official accreditation for the programme as a professional diploma.

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