Adult Education Club activities

In 2013, DVV International launched an adult education club that provides various platforms and occasions for discussion and dialogue regarding AE issues and among various stakeholders. It also encourages cultural, artistic and social activities and initiatives to promote Adult Education concepts and values. Some of the activities that were implemented in the past three years include:

- Adult Education Conference in Palestine: Pathways to the Future: What kind of Adult Education are we talking about? The conference was held in Ramallah and Gaza in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

- A national symposium on Adult Education: Social Change and Environmental Sustainability, which was held in Ramallah with local and international participation.

- A series of workshops on Green Lifestyles Initiative, in the Gaza Strip.

- A series of workshops on Gaza is a learning city Initiative, in the Gaza Strip.

- A symposium on Adult Education: a necessity or a luxury? in Ramallah.

- A symposium on the Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire, which was held in the Gaza Strip.

- A symposium on the educational theory of Khalil Sakakini, which was held in Jerusalem.

- A Facebook discussion on the International Day for Literacy and Adult Education which was held on social media.

- A panel discussion on the Arab Day for Literacy and Adult Education held in the Gaza Strip.

- Exchange of success stories and experiences "stops on the road" with youth who changes their career paths, in the Gaza Strip.

- Exchange visits between AECs, and participation in the activities of the Education for All Week in cooperation with the Palestinian Education Coalition, which was held in the Gaza Strip, in addition to Ramallah and Bethlehem.

- A workshop on "big thoughts" for creative and innovative ideas for private businesses, in the Gaza Strip. 

- A learning day with Tamer Institute on popular education and community-based education, in the Gaza Strip. 

- A workshop on using drama in adult education, with a group of facilitators and trainers of adult education in cooperation with Al Qattan Center for Educational Research and Development and El Amal Association for Rehabilitation in Rafah.

- Green economy learning day with the Green knowledge Community, in the Gaza Strip. 

- A dialogue on freelancing business and remote work in cooperation with the Social Media Club at University of Palestine, in the Gaza Strip. 

- A learning seminar on the investment of green initiatives for the preservation of the environment in cooperation with the Green Knowledge Community initiative, held in the Gaza Strip.

- German Day in Gaza for German students in cooperation with the Goethe Institute - German Cultural Center in the Gaza.

The Adult Education Club regularly presents new topics/ pathways of learning and important issues for dialogue and discussion, and works to expand the circle of friends to adult education in Palestine. DVV International seeks to develop this activity to form a social and cultural framework that includes a renewed membership for those interested in adult education to take advantage of the opportunities and spaces provided by adult education pathways.

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