Orientation and training program for Beneficiaries of Cash for Work (Improvement of Green Infrastructure in Jordan through Labour Intensive Measures) Project

Jordan is one of the countries mostly affected by the Syrian crisis. According to UNHCR, Jordan hosts
almost 661.997 1 Syrian refugees, most of them in local communities in Amman, Mafraq, Irbid and
Zarqa governorates. Despite major international support, refugee crisis still stays one of the main
challenges the country is facing.
Starting from December 2019 implementing DVV International Orientation and training program for
beneficiaries of Cash for Work within the GIZ Project “Improvement of Green Infrastructure in Jordan through Labour Intensive Measures”.
Main objective of the project was to improve the income generating opportunities of beneficiaries
involved in the Cash for Work Program by provision of orientation and training as well as by provision
of tools and materials as support for employment or establishment of business initiatives.
The project was based on participatory approaches combining the learning about the needs of
communities and its members as well as the learning about needs and strengths of project’s

The project was implemented in five communities in Irbid, Mafraq and Zarqa governorates. 260
Syrians and Jordanians have been trained by DVV international Team, Vocational Training
Corporation, National Agricultural Research Center as well as selected business trainers and

The project was implemented in very special conditions of Covid19. At the beginning of the project, the national lockdown was introduced in Jordan. To face this challenge DVV International team introduced online communication with the project’s beneficiaries. In the period of lockdown meetings and training sessions were taking place online through social media.

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