The Adult Education for Development Project “AEforD,” supports Community Development Centers “CDCs” of the Ministry of Social Development to become vibrant focal points for Adult Education and learning in rural and marginalized villages all over Jordan. The project supports CDCs in developing community-based structures that enable them to offer exemplary learning and income-generation opportunities for their target groups. These opportunities aim at providing the target group with necessary employment and self-employment skills and at empowering the target groups in leading better livelihoods. The structures are developed based on needs assessed in close cooperation and involvement of the community itself building mainly on local resources and its cultural, social, and economic heritage.

Since 2012, the AEforD project worked with 15 CDCs all over Jordan, conducting more than 20 income-generation projects along with community-based social and cultural interventions. The project aspires to continue to support the CDCs and their structure in reaching out to the community and in developing stronger adult education programs and interventions.

In 2016, the AEforD project supported the development of three community-based projects within the CDC in Jdetta northern Jordan, and Eira & Yarqa CDC in Salt. Following is a brief of each of those projects:

Rumman Project

Through Adult Education for Development Project (AEforD), a passionate team of volunteers from Jdetta village located north of Jordan has established “Rummana ”; a community-based tourism initiative through which volunteers strive to allow visitors to explore the gems of their village and live a unique one-day experience.  

With the technical support of the Zikra initiative, Rummana aims at bridging the gap between visitors and locals and local knowledge to underline the importance of simple local resources as a crucial tool for sustainable economic development.

For more information about Rummana or to book a trip, please visit the project page through the link:

Bags Project

In 2012, AEforD started supporting the bags project in Jdetta CDC given its authenticity, innovation, and big potential as an adult education tool for the CDC. Since then, the project managed to recruit volunteers and influence business start-ups in the same field. The CDC now produces and sells high-quality school bags at very competitive prices along with patchwork bags inspired by the local heritage in the area.

Atayeb Eira Project

Following intensive food value chain pieces of training inspired by the area, three women from Eira&Yarqa decided to take their training to the next level and started their own food experience business under the title “Atayeb Eira.” The women decided to invest in the resourceful variety of their village and invite visitors to try out different recipes inspired by the agricultural originality of Eira.

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