RECOVER- Social support project for Syrian refugees and host communities

The project was launched in 2013 under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Development in three Jordanian governorates hosting Syrian refugees (Irbid, Mafraq, and Zarqa) targeting women aged 18 years and above from Syrian refugees and host communities. The project is being implemented in partnership with three Community-Based Organizations (CBOs).
The project works on building the capacity of those CBOs and providing social support through participating in orientation sessions in three areas of education (literacy, health, and family culture, housekeeping, and handicrafts).
This well-known project has succeeded in merging its participant (50% Syrian and 50% Jordanian) to ease the integration of the Syrian refugees in their new hosting communities.
The project included three phases. The first phase is an orientation where participants were evaluated for their economic, psychological, and social status. The second phase also included three parts (literacy, health, and family culture, housekeeping, and handicrafts) where participants choose one of those three based on their evaluation. Finally, participants go back to the Orientation, but this time to evaluate the change that participants had made during their participation. Also, participants get involved with at least one of two (local initiatives, or to be transferred to another program or service provider.
The project is moderated in the fields through local associations and 30 female volunteers oversee the implementation of learning courses as facilitators. Until the year 2017, the project is implemented in 5 phases and was able to reach 2470 women directly.
The local partners of the project: (the Queen Zain Al Sharaf Association - Mafraq Governorate, the Family Welfare Association - Zarqa Governorate, and the Family and Childhood Protection Society - Irbid Governorate).

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