Adult Learning and Education for Development Toolbox

Key Performance Indicators Matrix for Adult Education Centers

DVV International has developed with its partner organization a matrix of Key Performance Indicators for Adult Education Centers in Jordan through a series of workshops and documentation of practices led by the end of 2020 to this publication which will be developed even further in the next years to develop a calculation tool with exact weights for direct use.

Adult Learning and Education for Development - Project Forms (Arabic Only)

DVV International was using a group of tools and forms and databases to assist its pilot projects implemented with partner organizations. This publication document all forms, tools, and databases used in the pilot projects for Adult Education for Development program.

Tafakur and training in adult education programs (Arabic Only)

The desire to enhance self-skills in facilitation processes is an impetus to constantly increase in specialized publications in the fields of adult education. This publication includes a set of learning tools and methods for working with individuals and society, and it is a basic material that can be built upon in response to the cognitive and skill needs that the facilitator needs.

Tafakur for development and community empowerment (Arabic Only)

This book highlights the importance of dialogue-based and participatory approaches to work for the goals of development and empowerment at the level of individuals and societies, and realizing the importance of a critical reading of reality in preparation for reading the reality of the self as a precondition for making change.

Your Way to Skills (Arabic Only)

An ILM accredited curriculum that focuses on monitoring, analyzing and identifying training needs and responding to needs effectively to prepare trainers. The curriculum targets the institutions and individuals involved in practicing the training process within the context of continuous learning and human development.

Direct Marketing (Arabic Only)

Marketing is a complex and complex process, based not only on the principle of satisfying the needs and desires of the consumer, but rather on creating new needs that were not perceived by the consumer. What distinguishes this book is that it is based on the principle of employing marketing for the purposes of learning for development, especially for groups wishing to improve their living conditions.

Al-Jameed School (Arabic Only)

Heritage is a national identity that strengthens the attachment of people to what the fathers have produced, and within the folklore, Jameed occupies a special place as a symbolic heritage status that accompanies the cultural condition as a beloved practice in our societies. This book constitutes a documentation of the production and processing of dairy products, and the popular foods associated with jameed.

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