A workshop on the sustainability of adult education with local partners

Partners of the Adult Education for Development project in Jordan discussed the ways to sustain adult education...

A workshop activity in participation of adult educators, and Adult Education centers staff.

Within the plans to complete capacity building with local partners, a workshop was held in the Dead Sea from 29/3 - 1/4/2021, which included five local partners to discuss plans, challenges and strategies of partners to sustain adult education.

DVV International in Jordan organized a workshop in the Dead Sea from 29/3 - 1/4/2021, with the participation of five partners in the Adult Education Project for Community Development and Empowerment. The holding of this workshop comes within the plan to complete the capacity building of partners in the areas of adult education and within the withdrawal plans during the years 2023-2021, with the aim of identifying the partners' plans and strategies in the sustainability of adult education, and to stimulate their willingness to self-reliance in management processes and to maintain quality and financial sustainability.
The workshop discussed a set of axes related to sustainability processes, such as determining the sustainability needs at the level of methodologies, experiences, learning and training needs of local communities, as well as strategies, challenges and means of financial sustainability.
The importance of the workshop comes as adult education has become a priority for working with local communities, and thus the need to motivate partners to sustain adult education, and to enter deeply into their true role in capacity building through learning and training activities, and this workshop is considered a preliminary to a subsequent workshop to discuss sustainability at the level of policies and work structures. It is expected to take place during May of this year.

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