The Arab House for Adult Education and Development (AHAED) launched the ALE campain in Lebanon and celebrates the centenary of Paulo Freire

The Arab House for Adult Education and Development (AHAED) celebrates the centenary of the educator and philosopher (Paulo Freire), and honors the...

Participants of the "we are ale" campaign Launched by AHAED in Beirut, Lebanon

The Arab House for Adult Education and Development (AHAED) celebrates the centenary of the educator and philosopher (Paulo Freire), and honors the participants of the Academy whose activities revolved around global citizenship and adult learning/education, from November 29 to December 4, 2021 with the participation of Eight Arab countries (Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Sudan and Morocco).

The celebration began with an opening speech by Ms. Elsy Wakil, General Secretary of the Arab House for Adult Education and Development (AHAED), during which she welcomed the honorable attendance of the Academy’s participants, a group of representatives of the Lebanese civil society and some public figures related to learning and education. Then she continued to introduce the Arab House for Adult Education and Development (AHAED) and its various activities through its four networks, and expressed the happiness of the Arab House when it celebrates the centenary of the humane educationist Paulo Freire, which has always sided with the poor and the marginalized.

Mr. Nazaret Nazaretyan, Regional Director of the German Association for Adult Education in the Middle East, presented an introduction to ALE campaign, its importance and its inception, and he encouraged the attendees to join it.

He said: “The ultimate goal of ALE is to ensure that adults, throughout their lives, can participate fully in societies, including the world of work. ALE includes three key domains of learning and skills:  literacy and basic skills, continuing education and vocational skills, and liberal, popular and community education and citizenship skills. ALE enables people to develop the necessary capabilities to exercise and realize their rights and take control of their destinies. In addition to promoting personal and professional development, thereby supporting more active engagement by adults with their societies and environments, it fosters environmental and inclusive economic well-being and decent work. It is therefore a crucial tool in alleviating poverty, improving health, economic, social, health and psychological well-being, and contributing to sustainable learning communities.” This definition is based on the UNESCO Recommendation on Adult Learning and Education (RALE).

This was followed by a speech by Mr. Tharwat Gaid on Paulo Freire's educational thought and his contributions to giving the marginalized a voice through education and educational process. He focused on Freire's efforts in the field of adult and marginalized education and learning.

Dr. Zahi Azar addressed Paulo Freire's educational ideas through a critical reading in which he linked theory and practice, during which he focused on practices that stem from Freire's ideas on dialogue and awareness, giving the marginalized a voice, building on the diverse needs of learners, the interactive freedom from the text and how to create it, get away from banking education, and the authoritarianism of the teacher/facilitator to the liberation of the learner, as he is the origin in the process of teaching and learning. Zahi limped on the problems of translation of Freire's books and their consequences in the educational field. He also talked about the roles and skills of the teacher/facilitator in light of the new globalization.

Refaat Sabah, President of the Arab House and the Global Campaign for Education, spoke about adult education/learning and his future vision in light of global citizenship.

All the participants joined the ALE Campaign by signing the big banner in the hall affirming their willing to advocate for a better future for ALE.
At the end of the meeting, Dr. Ekbal Elsamalouty, President of the Arab Network for Literacy and Adult Education, and Mr. Jawad Al-Gousous, representing the German Association for Adult Learning DVV International, handed the participation certificates to the participants of the Arab House for Adult Education & Development’s Academy, which revolved around global citizenship and adult learning and education.       

Yet, an artistic ceremony was held on the sidelines of the celebration, through authentic and diverse Arab singing, which expresses the Arab artistic culture and its diversity.

The ceremony was presented by Mr. Elsayed Mossad - Arab Republic of Egypt and member of the Arab Network for Literacy and Adult Education, and editorial member of AHAED Journal.

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