Start of 2023 project “Adult Education for Empowerment and Community Development”

DVV International, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development and three Community Development Centers (CDCs), launches its transformative project, "Adult Education for Empowerment and Community Development." Through the innovative Daily Urgent Needs Education (DUNE) approach, individuals in Jdetta, Eira & Yarqa, and Muhay will...

DVV International Regional Director Ms. Barbara Hust Signing agreements with project facilitators during her field visits

DVV International's Jordan office starts its 2023 implementation of its project, "Adult Education for Empowerment and Community Development", in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development and three Community Development Centers (CDCs) in Jdetta, Eira & Yarqa, and Muhay. The project aims to empower the communities through adult learning and education (ALE) and promote local development.

During a visit to the CDCs, DVV International's Regional Director Middle East, Ms. Barbara Hust, signed contracts with facilitators who will work with beneficiaries in the targeted locations. To this end, they will apply the Daily Urgent Needs Education (DUNE) approach that was developed by DVV International Jordan. It addresses immediate community needs and equips individuals with practical skills. The DUNE approach ensures education is relevant and applicable to participants' daily lives. Ms. Barbara Hust's visit highlighted DVV International's dedication to supporting lifelong learning and fostering community development.

In 2024, DVV International plans to develop the capacities of three new CDCs, extending its impact to more communities. The organization's commitment to ALE and community development in Jordan supports the importance of lifelong learning and empowerment and reflects DVV International's long-term vision of empowering more communities across Jordan.


DVV International's partnership with the Ministry of Social Development showcases its commitment to strengthening the adult education sector in Jordan. The organization's innovative approaches and collaboration with local communities contribute to building a more inclusive society. The impact of the project extends beyond individual participants. By empowering adults with skills and knowledge, DVV International creates agents of change who contribute to social and economic development.

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