Multiculturalism project

The Multiculturalism project’s objective was to address how adult education can contribute to de-radicalization efforts and even in reshaping radical narratives within multicultural societies. The project’s first workshop was held in the Dead Sea from 10-11 September with a group of selected participants with diverse backgrounds to where the 24 participants were introduced to DVV International, and adult education principles as well as concepts. In addition, the participants began sharing stories within various learning contexts from their own personal experiences. Furthermore, a paper discussing reasons for failure and the future of renewal opened room for critical thinking. The participants were also introduced to two educators and philosophers in the field of adult education of different schools of thought, Sakakini, and Freire. Followed by the most important session of the workshop; developing tools to reshape the narrative. Participants were required to brainstorm of potential project ideas and initiatives for the next phase in the project and mini-grants 500 – 2000 EUR were offered to 6 initiatives focusing on citizenship, accepting one another, peace building, debating controversial issues, inclusion of marginalized people and coexisting in spite our differences. The second workshop (November 15-16) will involve presentations and discussions regarding the implemented actions, and some further discussion on how to proceed.


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