Local community-based initiatives

DVV International encourages innovative community-based initiatives and cooperates with local partners to introduce and support models and examples of such initiatives in response to the special local contexts of the Palestinian communities.

In Gaza, for example, DVV International cooperates with local universities and community colleges” Al-Aqsa University, Gaza University, University College for Applied Sciences”  in implementing three initiatives to increase fresh graduates and senior students in voluntary initiatives for literacy education, including “Nutrition Literacy” Initiative, the “Family Literacy Positive Parenting” initiative, and the “Skills Literacy” Initiative.  In 2017, 15 students and graduates were trained as facilitators of adult education and lifelong learning, to lead such initiatives, which directly benefited 576 youth and adults in Gaza, most of them were women.

In Jerusalem, DVV International supported in cooperation with Al Saraya Center for Community Service several community-based initiatives. This includes provision of training and support for the women's voluntary emergency committee (formed by a group of women from the community of the Old City of Jerusalem to support the local families in cases of exceptional emergencies). The committee carried out a number of initiatives including provision of educational and awareness activities to the local women and to the "guest" community of families of patients (from West Bank and Gaza) residing in difficult conditions in Jerusalem hospitals. In addition, DVV International supported establishment of a number of small projects for women who shown distinguished skills and development in the AE courses of Al Saraya Center.    

DVV International considers community initiatives as an important path to learning and positive change in individuals and their communities for personal and community development and sustainable development. DVV International also seeks to build relationships with community and local community leaders to promote their participation in adult education pathways in Palestine and presenting their experiences as inspiring and learning models. A number of exchange experiences that are related to the fields of work of DVV International were hosted by teams/ communities of some of the distinguished community-based initiatives including:

- Green Knowledge Initiative in Gaza,

- Arab Youth Climate Movement AYCM – Palestine Initiative,

- Young business initiative to recycle wood in the toys industry,

- Initiative of the Family Center for Cultivation in Al Bureij Camp,

- The Solar Cooker Initiative in Deir El Balah,

- Al Biyara Park Initiative by Nawa Association for Culture and Arts,

- The Veranda Home Parks Initiative,

- The Social Media Club initiative.

In addition, two initiatives were supported in Gaza in 2017. The first initiative was Gaza is a learning city Initiative, in cooperation with Injaz Media Group, which aims to disseminate videos about adult education tracks in Gaza. The videos were launched during a workshop at the Islamic University in Gaza. These videos are (Popular education, vocational education, self-learning and cultural literacy).  The second initiative was the Green Lifestyle Initiative in cooperation with Arab Youth Climate Movement AYCM – Palestine Initiative. Four days of learning about green life practices were conducted. They included discussions and reflections on energy, agriculture, water and waste. A procedural guide was developed on best practices and coordination with three local institutions in the Gaza Strip. Follow the practices developed in the context of the initiative.

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